Check out the cozy bedroom of architect Duda Senna

Seeking renovation in the quarantine, the architect Duda Senna decided to start with the room
in which she most desires comfort and tranquility in the house: the bedroom! And to color this
space, she chose two delicate tones to compose her palette: Cream of Cinnamon and Horizon.
The bedroom faces the centered bed, which has a pink bedspread and pink and green pillows.
In the background, the straw headboard and five frames of different sizes hanging on the wall,
painted in the Horizon color and the Cinnamon Cream banner above. Photo of the bedroom in
the same perspective as the previous photo, focusing on the left side of the bed, with Duda
Senna in orange overalls leaning against the wall beside the bed.
Duda painted a strip at the top of the wall with the color Creme de Cinela, for that she used a
mirror in her bedroom as a height reference. And to escape the ordinary, she also chose to
paint the ceiling in the same color. The rest of the walls were painted with the color Horizonte,
bringing a combination that left the room super nice.
To complete the room’s decoration and make it even cozier, Duda placed pillows and blankets
on her bed following the same palette as the walls and took advantage of some paintings that
were already in the room to create a new composition above the straw headboard. Painting services professional

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